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Exploratory Data Analysis Projects

No. of Projects: 10

Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings

In October 2015, Walt Hickey from FiveThirtyEight published a popular article where he presented strong evidence which suggest that Fandango’s movie rating system was biased and dishonest.

In this mini-project, we’ll analyze more recent movie ratings data to determine whether there has been any change in Fandango’s rating system after Hickey’s analysis.

Skills: Pandas, Matplotlib

Exploring Stack Overflow

In this mini-project, we will list down the most tagged languages in StackOverflow. We will also list top voted question alongwith it’s top answer for each language.

To do so, we will scrape the StackOverflow Website's Tags Page.

Skills: Pandas, Matplotlib

Analysing NYC High School Data

In this mini-project, we will analyse NYC High School Data and try to find if there is any racial, gender or economic bias in the U.S. Educational System.

We will compile data from various sources and try to find out correlations.

Skills: Pandas, Matplotlib, Regex

Winning Jeopardy

Jeopardy is a popular TV show in US, where participants answer questions to win money. In this mini-project, we will explore a dataset containing 20000 rows of Jeopardy questions. We want to compete on Jeopardy, and we’re looking for any edge we can get to win.

Here, we’ll try to figure out some patterns in the questions that could help us win. And make use of Chi-Square Tests.

Skills: Pandas, scipy.stats

Finding the Best Markets to Advertise in an E-Learning Product

In this mini-project, we’ll explore data from FreeCodeCamp Survey.

We’re working for an e-learning company that offers courses on programming. Most of our courses are on web and mobile development, but we also cover many other domains, like data science, game development, etc. We aim to find the two best markets to advertise our product in.

Skills: Pandas, Matplotlib

Exploring Hacker News Posts

In this mini-project, we explore data from a popular technology site Hacker News. We’ll compare two different types of posts and answer the following questions:

Which type of posts receive more comments on average?
Do posts created at a certain time receive more comments on average?

Skills: Python, Regex

Finding Profitable App Profiles for App Store & Google Play Store

In this mini-project, we will explore data from App Store and Play Store. We develop apps for users, which are free to download and install, with our main source of revenue being in-app advertising.

Here, we will analyse market trends and find most profitable free apps across various genres in both stores.

Skills: Pandas

Exploring Gun Deaths in U.S.

In this mini-project, we will cover topics like reading Data from CSV Module and Datetime Module.

Here, we will find Gun Deaths per Month, Gender, Ethnicity and Intent.

Skills: Python CSV & Datetime Module

Exploring E-bay Car Sales Data

In this mini-project, we’ll we will explore the E-bay Car Sales Data using Pandas.

We will learn to clean and analyse data.

Skills: Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib

Transforming Data with Python

In this mini-project, we’ll be working with a dataset of submissions to Hacker News from 2006 to 2015.

We’ll be writing scripts and running them via Command Line. We will try to answer these questions:

What words appear most often in the headlines?
What domains were submitted most often to Hacker News?
At what times are the most articles submitted?

Skills: Python, Command Line

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