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No. of Projects: 2

Visualising Gender Gap in College Degrees

In this mini-project, we will explore a dataset complied by Randal Olson, a data scientist at University of Pennsylvania. This data set contains percent bachelor’s degress offered to women.

We will explore the gender gap in STEM fields(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). If there is a gap, we will try to visualise it.

Skills: Pandas, Matplotlib

Visualising Earnings Based On College Majors

In this mini-project, we will work with data taken from FiveThirtyEight (Github), on the job outcomes of students who graduated from college between 2010 and 2012.

We will learn to visualise data using Histograms, ScatterPlots, ScatterMatrix Plots and Bar Charts to see if useful insights can be drawn from them.

Skills: Pandas, Matplotlib

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